A wrap up of August

Here are a few highlights from August…

Vincent telling me “Mommy, I put a pacifer in my pocket in case Ruby wants one.” while we were playing with her on the ground.

Kenniston is stepping up to the big sister plate and hugging and loving her little siblings a lot, sometimes more than I am comfortable with.  Her hair dangles in the babies faces, which they have to grab, then Kenniston gets upset. 

Ruby calls out ”Mamamama” to me and our Parents As Teacher educator (a wonderful program that helps educate parents so they can be a teacher for their child at all developental stages.), Candice hears her do so.  Candice raves about Ruby’s development, as well as the development of our other children.

Babies now sit up in the baby bath tub instead of the baby seat sling.  They both love to splash and play in the water, a stark difference from just 4 months ago.

The big kids favorite song is now “Here I am to Worship” and they sing it everywhere to anyone who will listen. 

Blackberry season brought about full tummies, purple fingers and stained clothing. 

The twins have established a more regular nap routine.  They nap around 9:00-11:30am, then again 1:30 to around 4:00pm and sometimes agian around 5:30 for half hour to 45 minutes.  If they don’t have that last nap or some kind of rest, watch out, the evening gets interesting.

We wrapped up our library’s summer reading program and finished the required 10 hours of reading.  We didn’t actually keep tabs every single time we read.  I know we read the required 20 minutes a day.  Heck, I am sure we read more than that daily.  Vincent’s prize was a pass to the zoo (he was on the reader program), while Kenniston’s was a rubber ducky (she was on the read to program).  I could have gotten a prize for the twins, however, I didn’t think the rubber ducky was crucial.  Besides that, I think we have enough in our bathroom closet.

We saw near 100* temps and then a drastic drop that required us to pull out our jackets once again.  Gotta love living in Washington! 

Updated: September 2, 2008 — 8:20 am

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