About the video

So here we were, two tired, worn down parents.  We were cleaning up from weeks of holiday cheer and Christmas unwrapping madness.  Sorting gifts into piles of clothes, baby toys, educational toys, toys to replace those that are in rotation, etc  When Brian picks up an Imaginext toy of Vincent and says “so the elephant makes a noise, the lion makes a noise, what does the giraffe say?”  In my tired brainless gone silly mood I replied “der da der.”  To which Brian pushed the button on the giraffes back and made him say “der da der.”  At first I chuckled.  Then I began to giggle.  I then burst into a roar of ridiculous laughter.  It was just wrong, but oh so silly.  My mind racing I began to think of a commercial…”Fisher Price Imaginext presents the elephant, the lion, the giraffe…”  I kept laughing at the thought.  Being desperate for a break from the monotonous daily chore of child rearing and life itself, we took the 10 minutes to create the video and all while laughing posted it on you tube.  Silly, perhaps.  Pointless, not at all.  It broke us from the mayhem and madness.  It was great and so well worth it.  From there we wrapped up the last of the cleaning, only so I could finish up later this week.  At least I have the silly giraffe to keep me laughing…and those 4 adorable ankle biters.
Updated: December 29, 2008 — 6:52 am
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