ahhh, Austin Texas

Today we took a drive to Austin. We had an errand to run with Nana, so as usual, we made the day of our trip to Austin.

A good time is always had during our trips to Austin.

First we met up with Nana to pick up a coat that Papa Scott bought for Kenniston. It all started out when I asked mom to look at Carter’s near her house. As I mentioned, Kenniston has been growing. Recently a friend of mine mentioned that Carter’s stores were having a big sale. Knowing that mom has a Carter’s near her house I asked her to look for a coat for Kenniston. She did and found nothing. So she does what she normal does when she’s “on a mission” and she went to 7 other stores looking for a coat. She did not find any coats…but she found plenty of swimsuits (hmm, don’t understand *that* one, it’s January!). Papa Scott went to Cabella’s in search of some shoe strings and he found Kenniston a coat. For half price. It is a pretty purple color and it will (hopefully) fit her for a year or two.

I wish I got a photo of her in it today, but unfortunately it was in the 70’s today and well, a coat wasn’t needed.

After meeting up with Nana we made a visit to Toy Joy, a local store that sells a variety of unique and fun gifts and toys. I picked up a really cool puzzle (if you’re really interested you can see it here) for the kids for school this week. We are learning about life science right now and this week we will be learning about the parts of the body.

After Toy Joy we visited an Austin restaurant called Threadgills. Threadgills is Austin old school. Numerous musicians have played Threadgills, and the food is amazing comfort food.

As I mentioned the weather was amazing, so we made a trip to Zilker Park during our visit to ATX. The kids enjoyed playing on the playground that I once played on many years ago. The problem is, so did many.other.kids. I was so focused on making sure the kids were nearby and safe that I forgot to take many photos. I even missed the obligatory fire truck photo. Doh!

I did other photos of the kids hard at play…





waiting for the train is hard…but a snow cone made the wait a bit bearable.




Yes, we are in Austin, “Live Music Capital of the World.”



Vincent and Kenniston sat close together behind a lady and her daughter. The 4 talked through out the train ride. After we all got off they said goodbyes and then Vincent hugged both the young girl and her mom. The lady was taken back and commented on how sweet the kids were. I have to agree, they are very loving children indeed!


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