Akeelah and the Bee

Yes, I do realize that this movie is 8 years old. I remember being pregnant with Kenniston and sitting in Starbucks with a napping, almost 2 year old Vincent, and seeing these flash card type cards laying around on the coffee tables. Each one had a different word on them. I picked up one and kept it. It said the word Euphoric and it had the definition of the word.

Apparently the card did not entice me to see the movie. It took me until this week to see it.

I am glad, however, that we saw the movie. The kids loved it, as did us adults. Despite a few “naughty” words, the movie was great. It had a powerful message and it conveyed the message that it is good to be smart and work toward a goal.

After the movie Vincent decided to teach Jack spelling. Jack ran to his room to grab his journal and pencil. As Vincent did laundry he taught Jack how to spell words.


When he wasn’t sure of a word, he grabbed the dictionary.


Soon Jack had a few pages of words written down, one of which he proudly displayed to me. This one he had spelled by himself…almost correct son…almost.



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