When Vincent was 5 we started giving him an allowance. We were a little weird about allowance in general, because we believe that kids should work to help out a family not to get money, but to help out their family. On the other hand, we also believe that a child should know the value of money and should know how to save up and spend it as well.

Brian and I came to the conclusion that we would give the kids one quarter per year of age per week. We also decided that they will start recieving allowance when they are 5. This year, Kenniston started to get allowance.

At the end of the month we give the kids their allowance. Each time Vincent gets $7 and Kenniston gets $5. As Brian counted out 7 dollars it kind of hit me. I have kids that are old enough for allowance. Wow. They are at that stage. We are at that stage. It seems like my oldest child just “entered Kindergarten” and now he is in the middle of second grade. And Kenniston, she is in the middle of Kindergarten now. She also has more cash than me. Then again, she is my saver.


Updated: October 3, 2011 — 4:24 am
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