Am I really mom to all 4??

Just for starters, I never once said that this would be easy or I would be exceptionally good at this.  This is hard.  Ugh.  I am trying hard, oh so hard to do all the right things and not take any short cuts, but there comes a time when you have to survive.  I am embarrased to say I have sucombed to turning the DVD player on in the van just to have some silence.  I have to nurse the twins a lot, most of the time when we leave the house for any given activity I have to nurse them at least once, if not twice.  During this time the big kids are (understandably) bored.  Despite my suggestions to do things such as sing a song, count cars etc, the older two always seem to find themselves pushing each others buttons.  The seemingly innocent touch on a arm turns into screams and hair pulling.  All the while I am trying to descretly nurse a very hungry baby.  I start reminding them to use words (ask your brother nicely to stop grabbing your arm please), then I give a reminder (you need to make good choices or you will have X consequences) and finally I find myself yelling – something I don’t like to admitt (“GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF YOUR BROTHER NOW!!!!”).  I find that I can just bypass that entire conversation (or at least the latter two) if I just pop in a DVD for the 20 minutes it takes me to nurse the twins.  Hey, at least I put on something G rated and wholesome like Veggie Tales.  So, there you go, a confession from me, an imperfect mom of 4.

Updated: June 26, 2008 — 7:55 am
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