Am I really mom to all 4??

Just for starters, I never once said that this would be easy or I would be exceptionally good at this.  This is hard.  Ugh.  I am trying hard, oh so hard to do all the right things and not take any short cuts, but there comes a time when you have to survive.  I am embarrased to say I have sucombed to turning the DVD player on in the van just to have some silence.  I have to nurse the twins a lot, most of the time when we leave the house for any given activity I have to nurse them at least once, if not twice.  During this time the big kids are (understandably) bored.  Despite my suggestions to do things such as sing a song, count cars etc, the older two always seem to find themselves pushing each others buttons.  The seemingly innocent touch on a arm turns into screams and hair pulling.  All the while I am trying to descretly nurse a very hungry baby.  I start reminding them to use words (ask your brother nicely to stop grabbing your arm please), then I give a reminder (you need to make good choices or you will have X consequences) and finally I find myself yelling – something I don’t like to admitt (“GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF YOUR BROTHER NOW!!!!”).  I find that I can just bypass that entire conversation (or at least the latter two) if I just pop in a DVD for the 20 minutes it takes me to nurse the twins.  Hey, at least I put on something G rated and wholesome like Veggie Tales.  So, there you go, a confession from me, an imperfect mom of 4.

Updated: June 26, 2008 — 7:55 am


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  1. Oh Kelly, Kelly! I know you are doing an exceptional job! Please, please DO NOT feel at all guilty about popping in a DVD when needed for your sanity! And of course you know that when you are stressed that affects your milk supply and you’ll have to nurse even more often. So if it takes a silencing DVD so be it! You already have more patience than most new mothers I know, including me when I was one! I’m truly a blessed grandmother to have you as mother to four of my six wonderful grandchildren. Quit beating yourself up!!!

  2. I only have two and a DVD here and there is a must! I think you’re doing well! 🙂

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