And Cue the music

I could almost hear Rocky playing in the background…

She wanted so badly to do the Bunny Hop game as well

So I put her in the bag and told her “all you have to do is hop to the line and back…”

I lined her up next to the big kids.  She was the littlest one out there.

And hop she did, in her pretty dress that Nana bought for her.

Next to her big brother, who was just as excited to race.

All the way

To the very end

Where we all (and by all I mean most of the crowd, strangers and all) cheered her on

We were so proud of her!

Updated: April 5, 2009 — 5:27 am


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  1. Yeah Kenniston! That’s awesome!

  2. Go Kenniston! 🙂 TOO CUTE!

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