And we’re back!

It is well after 11pm and I am now sitting down able to slightly relax.  The kids are in bed and the van is about half emptied (ha, don’t try to analyze the glass half empty/full analogy…the glass is definitly half full for me!).  I look around my house, a house that looks like a family of 6 that just returned from vacation.  Tonight is the hardest part.  It is the day of return, the day that you have to come off of the vacation high and return back to your so called normal life.  The unpacking, the laundry, the cleaning.  That is where pictures come in handy, you can daily remember the vacation joys thanks to a single still picture.  Maybe that is why I got into photography.  Speaking of which, I will have pictures up soon.
Check back for my daily ramblings from our vacation.
Updated: July 19, 2008 — 7:34 am
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