another tree

We have a corner lot. I love our corner lot and I am trying to be that crazy lady with a lot of plants who lives on the corner lot. So far I have been pretty successful, but I can’t seem to be the crazy lady with a lot of plants who keeps her plants alive. I take that back, I keep most of my plants alive. For some reason, however, I can’t seem to keep the plants on the corner alive. I have a feeling it is the kids that come by and ride bikes on our corner grass patch. The grass patch that is usually home to a bush or other plant…until they kill it by riding their bikes over it (or the lady with blue hair lets her dog pee and trample all over it).

This weekend we decided to go with a big plant. We decided to go with a tree. Two of them in fact, one for either side of the side walk. Now, hopefully, the kids (and lady with blue hair) will see the 4′ & 5′ trees and at least try to not wreck them.

Well, one can hope anyway.


Updated: March 5, 2012 — 4:28 am
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