Answer to…

“the longest contest ever” LOL

guess who_01

This curly haired beauty is sweet.
has a mind of her own.
loves her big brother and embraces his silliness more than the others.
seems so fragile.
but is pretty sturdy and brave.

guess who_01 answer

Yup, it’s RUBY!

guess who_03

This curly haired cutie is all smiles (mostly).
they are vivacious.
knows what she wants and now has favorites.
loves to hug her siblings, even they don’t always want her to.
has hair that only gets washed twice a week and brushed once a day, if that.
those locks are HARD to brush.

guess who_03 answer

loving and spunky, it’s Kenniston!


guess who_02

This boy has gorgeous long curly hair.
when it gets brushed. which is usually just once a day. then he takes a nap. or gets in the car. or plays in the bounce house. or does his silly roll on the ground boy thing. and then the curls turn into a mess.
but he is still handsome.
and silly.
and giggly.
and oh so huggable.

guess who_02 answer

that is my huggy lovey Jack Jack.

So how did y’all do? Who won?

Amy and Brian answered correctly. Congrats y’all! You really know those curls!

Updated: November 21, 2009 — 5:32 am
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