As Kenniston called it…my little “mishap”

The first day of 2014 called for sunny skies and a high near 70°, it just seemed perfect for a hike. Brian searched the web and found a hiking trail with great reviews. The kids and I packed up a lunch and backpacks and we all headed to Temple to check out the new trail.


One thing we noticed right away was the wide trail. This turned out to be very useful later.


The trail was full of bridges and creeks, all of which would make for perfect photography sessions.


Vincent like jumping over the creeks most. At one point he caught himself before falling in, which happened to come in useful as well….


We planned to walk the 1.5 miles from one trail head to the next and then turn around and head back. By the time we reached the turning point, the kids were a little tired and vocal about it. Perhaps it was because we stayed up partying too hard at church the night before…I am not really too sure. I thought by being silly the mood would be lightened. I hopped up on to a rock border that lay beside the trail and started to run. As I jumped down to the next rock level, a whopping 3 inches below, I had to judge just where to place my foot. At one point, I misjudged.

I landed while twisting my ankle. Then my knee and shoulder hit the ground. The excruciating pain came immediately. When I looked down at my ankle it was the size of a baseball. There was no way I could bear weight on my foot. Right away Brian and Kenniston ran the 1.5 miles back to our van while Vincent and the twins stayed with me.

Vincent quickly started looking through my backpack for “medical supplies,” he wanted to help in any way possible. He realized that his shirt was still wet from when he landed in the cold creek. He took off his shirt and wrapped it around my ankle. I then poured ice water on it to help keep it cold. Meanwhile the twins prayed for me. They were both very loving and concerned.

Vincent, Jack, and Ruby looked out onto the road for Brian as I tried to not scream out in pain. It seemed like forever, but after only 15 minutes or so, Brian arrived. There was no way I was able to walk, so thankfully he was able to drive the van on the wide trails to get me.

After dropping the kids off at a friend’s house, we headed to the ER. It was January 1st, so I was not surprised to see the ER full. We were told there would be a 1.5 hour wait, but it turned out to be closer to 5 hours. After x-rays it was determined that there were no broken bones, just a lot of torn ligaments. Very painfully torn ligaments.


I got to go home wearing a fancy aircast for a week or two and I have two handy dandy crutches. This was not exactly how I planned to start off the new year, but it can only get better from here, right?


Updated: January 3, 2014 — 9:57 am
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