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Here is a list of the signs the babies know.  I fear I may forget these things and I may regret not jotting them down. I am so glad a friend asked me today which signs they know.

edited to add: both babies also know the sign for book!

Jack: more, please, all done (though he doesn’t do this one much), milk, night night, bird, light (his all time favorite), hat

Ruby: more, please, all done, milk, night night, bird (her all time favorite), light, hat

yeah, they seem to know the same ones, lol.  I think it is funny how they have a favorite.  Tonight while at a birthday party Jack kept looking up and signing light.  He got so excited everytime I responded with “yes, Jack, that is a light.”  He kept doing it over and over again. 


I had kind of a rough morning today.  I woke up and it hurt to keep my eyes open.  It wasn’t a lack of sleep kind of hurt, but rather a swollen sinus kind of pain.  I struggled to make it through the first couple of hours of the day, but made it until the twins morning nap.  I took a Sudafed and Advil, put a movie on, gave the kids some crackers and juice, then laid on the couch in hopes of getting some relief.  After an hour and half I woke up and felt better.  My neck still feels stiff and I have a funky twitch on my left side, but at least I can keep my eyes open.  It was one of those days that I had really wished Brian was around. 

Updated: February 7, 2009 — 7:41 am

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