August 2015

The end of summer always brings preparation for the new school year. This year I decided to continue teaching using classical methods, but using a different curriculum. I chose to try out Classical Conversations. In the past I have purchased a few of their products to use along with our curriculum, but we hadn’t used their full program.
I took a few days to prepare for our year. It took time. And coffee. Lots of coffee.


A quick trip to the beach in between Brian’s classes was in order. This time we checked out a few new things – the Aquarium and the Surf Museum, both were a lot of fun!

IMG_6268 IMG_6270 IMG_6280 IMG_6301 IMG_6366 IMG_6397

We had to eat at The Boiling Pot in Fulton/Rockport…


And Sign our names

IMG_6492 IMG_6494 IMG_6502 IMG_6508

A visit to the Aquarium

IMG_6532 IMG_6582 IMG_6710 IMG_6743 IMG_6770

And a visit to the Texas Surf Museum

The kids continued to serve at our church and I continued to see how God was growing each of them. Vincent made friends with a few preschool age kiddos, all of which became attached to him. Watching him with the young kids has been a complete joy.
Of course we had evening walks and bike rides, trips to the library, homemade s’mores ice cream when burn bans were in effect, late night star gazing, and swimming (lots of swimming).

IMG_5714 IMG_5872 IMG_5937 IMG_5941

IMG_6030 IMG_6032

IMG_6044 IMG_6080 IMG_6152

We celebrated the end of summer with our traditional Dairy Queen ice cream treat.


At the end of the month Brian started school again and the kids attended their first Classical Conversations community day.



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