Babies are 2 Months!

Today was Jack and Ruby’s 2 month check up.

The stats:
Jack Owen
11lbs 1oz
23 inches

Ruby Adeline
10lbs 3oz
23 1/4 inches

Both babies are right on track with development.  They are both smiling and starting to chuckle.  Both babies are grasping objects and starting to be more and more alert during the day. 

Jack seems to have a few minor issues.  First he has a spot on each foot that the doctor thinks might be soft tissue that will go away.  Each spot is about the size of a small grape.  Both feet are able to move in all directions, so the doctor isn’t too concerned.
The other issue is his head.  It is misshapened.  You can tell if you look over the top of his head.  His left side buldges out toward the back.  I am *obviously* not a doctor, but my guess is that due to his very low position in my pelvis for 9 months his head got slightly squished.  The doctor suggested aggressive repositioning to reshape it.  This means I will lay Jack on this buldging spot when I put him down so it softly pushes the bones to go where they need to go.  This means I have to put Jack slightly on his side to sleep.  Laying him down sideways is good for him anyway, it is part of our “Happiest Baby on the Block” regime.  If laying him down on his side doesn’t make a big impact we will look into a doc band.  A doc band is a white band that helps to correct his head shape.  So essentially our littlest prince could have his very own crown.  I will keep you updated on the crowning situation.  We should know more at his 4 month check up.

BTW here is a picture of his head:

And for your veiwing pleasure:

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