Big Trip Update & FAQ

As we continue to answer various questions about what we’re simply calling the “Big Trip,” I keep wanting to refer back to our January 1st blog post. But since we posted it nearly six months ago, it’s a little outdated, and there are more developments.

But first of all: It looks like the trip will actually happen.

So here’s a brief overview (along with the FAQ below). Around the end of October, the six of us will begin to travel around to various parts of the country with a travel trailer and a three-fold mission:

  • serve others
  • explore the country
  • grow closer to each other and to God


Here’s the first in a series of frequently asked questions:

What kind of RV are you getting?

Tonight we decided on a Summerland bunkhouse travel trailer. Among our must-have criteria are the quad bunks, and a light enough weight that towing it won’t be a problem. Once we get the vehicle that will be pulling it, we’ll head back to the RV dealer and pick it up.

What are you using to pull this trailer?

So far, it looks like we will be using a Nissan NV Passenger. It has a great towing package, and plenty of room for people and gear.

We will be using future blog posts to answer more questions. And we would love to stay in contact with you as we continue to work out all the details! Please enter your email address above to subscribe, so you can receive a notification whenever we update this blog. And feel free to connect with us on our Facebook page!

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