Birth Story

***just a fair warning, for those of you who are not interested in hearing what may be TMI, don’t bother to read this!***

Due to a few issues, I had a planned induction for April 18th at 6am. At my last appointment I was 3 centimeters dilated, thinning and effaced so my doctor knew that my body was ready to go. We got admitted and I was hooked up to Pitocin at 8:30am. My doctor came in at that time to check for dilation. He said that I was still 3 cm and was 75% effaced. He tried breaking my waters but did not have any luck. I started to have contractions almost 30 minutes after the Pitocin started.
Around noon my doctor came in and said that I was almost 4cm dilated so he tried breaking my water again and was successful. We all thought I would go quickly from there. Contractions continued to increase and were slightly more painful. I was checked around 2pm and we discovered that I had progressed to 5 cm and was around 80-90% effaced. We thought I would have been farther along, but knew it could still be a little while. After slightly more painful contractions, I was checked at 4pm. I had not progressed any more and the doctor was now getting only slightly concerned. If I didn’t progress soon they would have to consider a C-Section. My nurse, Amy, who I really liked a lot, told me that the baby could be facing up toward my belly instead of down toward my back (not breach, just sunny side up). She suggestion laying on my side to help the baby move, so I did just that. The contractions got far more intense and at this time I was getting pretty frustrated. I had not had any pain medication and was beginning to consider it. My thinking was that if I were to have a C-Section I would end up with pain meds anyway so why not just get them now instead of waiting. Thankfully, I held out! At 5:08 Amy came back to check to see if I was dilated. I had progression! I was now at 6-7 cm and almost 100% effaced. Amy went ahead and ordered the baby bassinet and newborn goods just in case I went into the pushing phase soon (little did she know). During that exam I had a very intense contraction, which often happens during an exam. After that I had a lull in contractions and then I had another one which proceeded to be intense. I felt like I would be pushing soon so I turned to my good friend Kristi who was there and told her “I don’t have to push at this moment, but I feel like it could be soon” so she told me to just tell her when I needed to. I didn’t want to tell everyone yet because I didn’t want to cry wolf. After the next push I KNEW it was time so I rolled onto my back and said “I have to push.” My mom told me right away “no you don’t it is just gas.” She pushed the call button for a nurse and said very nonchalantly “um, we need a nurse in here” in which they replied “what did you say?” I proceeded to yell “I HAVE TO PUSH!!!” In came running Amy our nurse as well as a dozen other people. I asked Amy if I was dilated and she took one glance down at me and said “oh yeah sweetie, you are ready.” Apparently the baby’s head was there. The urge to push was strong and despite me holding back, my body pushed, the team of nurses who had gathered knew the time was coming quickly. They called out a “doctor Stork” which means any available doctor come NOW! In came running a doctor, then a minute or two later my doctor came running into the room. Thankfully his office was just across the street. I still have no idea how he got there so fast. When they finally let me push it took just 2 pushes for Kenniston to make her official entrance. She was born at 5:20 pm, just 12 minutes after my last internal exam where I was told I was 6-7 cm dilated. Brian was at my side during the whole thing. He was kissing my forehead and telling me what a good job I was doing, he didn’t even realize that I had pushed her out so quickly. I asked him right away what the baby’s gender was and he said “what, I don’t know.” He hadn’t realized that she was even out yet. Right away the doctor told us that we had a girl. Even though Brian was supposed to share that moment we were both ok with it. I got to hold her right away and Brian got to cut the cord, so all was ok.

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