We are blessed, very blessed. There are so many wonderful people in our life. Kind, loving people, who like to give to us in many ways. Often times we talk to the kids about how we have much more than other people do. We teach the kids that some people have nothing. We also teach them how the Bible tells us that we should bless others just as we have been blessed. I won’t post a sermon here, don’t worry, but I will tell you the one big thing we teach our kids. God is love. Period. He isn’t preachy full of rules or hate, he is love. We have taught our kids that one way we can love and bless others is by giving. This is a concept that they have caught onto quickly.

Recently we visited Mamaw and Papaw in Austin. We see them once or twice a month and the kids always end up with goodies. After this last visit we got home and the next day as the kids were playing with said new goodies Kenniston said to me “Mommy, we got new toys, we should give away some of our old toys to kids that don’t have any!” She ran to her room to look for toys to give away. Vincent piped in as well and wanted to give. They both came out with an arm load of toys ready to give.

As you may remember, we made it our family goal to give this year. I am not going to boast about what we have given, but I will tell you that God has done some amazing things. We have felt lead to give in so many ways and he has opened the doors to do so. One time we felt lead to give a specific thing. Now, this may sound goofy, but bear with me…we felt the need to give food. We gathered up a large paper bag of non-perishable food and had it sitting on our counter top for a while. I could not find a place to donate it to. Sounds weird huh? One day I just put it in the van. The next day we went to our homeschool co-op and during announcements they announced that the local food bank was in need of canned goods and the co-op would start gathering cans *that day* to donate! Seriously, I got chills.

There have been other ways that we have been able to give, but I think you get the point. God has put us in a position to give and I am really enjoying it.

At the same point, he has given to us. We are blessed with this amazing house (I probably say that too much, but seriously, I am so thankful!!!), an abundance of books & educational supplies, an amazing backyard for our children to run free and explore, we have 2 vehicles (TWO!!!) that are in working condition, we have 4 amazing and kind (usually, lol) children who are healthy, we live near (some of our) family who love us and *they* give to us, I could go on and on….


Just one box from our collection of books. We have so many that we rotate them every week or two!


The HUGE sandbox and pile of soil for the soon-to-be garden. You can see Jack and Kenniston playing back there…



These two could swing all day long! Vincent runs out as soon as he is dressed, has had breakfast and finished his morning chores. He loves to swing before starting school. I am so thankful that we can give them the opportunity to swing so freely every morning.

It is so wonderful to stop obsessing over the number in our bank account and to focus on our blessings that we have and can give. I am sad that it took us this long to realize how wonderful it is to give freely, but I feel that this is just the begining. I continue to pray that we learn to give regularly and with out ceasing or hesitation!

Updated: March 12, 2011 — 7:31 am
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