Blinking lights, bad words, and loads of laughter

Tonight was a fairly ordinary night for us.  The kids and I went to our homeschool community day.  Afterwards we stopped at HEB to pick up groceries.  We came home and rested a bit before making dinner.


After dinner and chores Brian and I chatted in our room.  One by one the kids came in and chatted with us.  The discussion started with his tactical hat he got as a Christmas gift.  It came around to blinking lights and infrared, which lead to a funny quote from Brian.  He said “bad guys don’t wear blinking lights.” This lead to more conversation and laughter.

Later in the evening Vincent and I were discussing math as we waited for prayer time.  He mentioned PEMDAS and how it related to a problem he was trying to solve.  Every time the abbreviation PEMDAS was mentioned Jack began to giggle.  When asked why he was giggling he said it felt like we were “saying the naughty word that begins with a.” Naturally we all had to start using PEMDAS in any way possible, but we said it in place where the other word would have been said.  This lead to more laughter and more naughty sounding words.  We laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face.


Updated: January 20, 2017 — 3:07 am
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