Today Vincent said to me “Mommy, can I play with my C- H- R- A- N?”
Lately I have been teaching him different phonics and spelling rules, the latest of which was “ch”  In his mind those letters made sort of a ch sound, so the word “train” should have been spelled “chran.”  I can totally see the logic there!  He is thinking so much about it and he gets it!  We have worked breifly on long and short vowel sounds, but oh my goodness there are so many rules to spelling!  I am so proud of him and how quickly he catches on.  And yes, I did let him play with his trains.  He really enjoyed the Geotrax train that he picked out for his birthday.  After our vacation I will post pictures from his party and then some. 
Updated: July 11, 2008 — 8:34 am
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