Can the poor kid catch a break?

Every day when I wake up and head to my bathroom I find another blood smear on the door frame. And another drop on my toilet bowl. And yet another drop of blood on the floor next to the toilet paper.
Every morning for the last several weeks, Vincent wakes up with a bloody nose. And several times through the day he gets them. Even though I have purchased boxes of tissues and put them in his room, he comes to our bathroom for toilet paper. I am pretty sure he likes the comfort of “our” room.
It’s sad that I have become used to seeing the blood in various places in our room. Or on our pillows (he falls asleep in our bedroom at night sometimes before going to his own bed), or on his own pillow, or the floor. In fact, right now if you were to go into his room it looks like someone had a nasty knife fight. I have become tired of washing his sheets regularly and now only do it if it becomes “really bad.”
BUT, this takes the cake, and by cake, I mean *BIRTHDAY* cake.

069 small

{I can’t even look at this with out crying}

Today was Vincent’s 6th Birthday. We had a cool party for him, a really cool party. We had a Jedi Training School party. I made 7 Jedi robes for the young Padawans, I prepared a cool scavenger hunt (with cool Star Wars kites for the prize!) and Vincent picked out all of the food and decor. The kids loved the training camp and were surprised to see Darth Vader show up and “attack.” Smiles were on their faces during the entire time. Vincent ate it up! By the time everyone was heading out the door I could see Vincent sitting at the table trying to look at his gifts. He kept rubbing his eyes, over and over again.

I took him upstairs, gave him some medicine and got him into the bath. By the time he got out of the bath (5 or so minutes) his eyeballs were swollen. I could barely see his pupils!! He had a nasty rash all over his face. Right away I told Brian to take him into the air conditioning in hopes of it helping him breath clean air. The two of them took off and sat for a bit in the a/c. After about half an hour Brian called to tell me that he was no better and he was a bit worried about him. Off they went, to the ER.

I am heart broken. I can’t look at this photo of Vincent with out crying. There is nothing I can do to make him better. There is no medicine I can give him and nothing I can do for him. I hate that he can’t just go outside and run around like normal with out an allergic reaction. When he has a nose bleed he just runs inside, pops a wad of toilet paper in his nostril and goes back out to play again. The more I think about it, the more I am amazed at how he handles it. I still wish though that he didn’t have to live like that. Please keep him in your prayers, he and Brian are still at the ER and I just think it is a crummy way to end a Birthday.

Updated: July 10, 2010 — 4:35 am
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