Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes…

This trip has been amazing. Wonderful. Refreshing. Humbling. To say we have enjoyed it so far would be a huge understatement. We are, however, coming to the end of our east coast portion of the trip. Right now we are praying about where we will go after this. We would love to keep traveling. There are many more places we would love to explore, many more people we would love to see and serve. However, money would eventually run out, and well, that is an issue. As we begin to head back toward Texas, our final destination for this part of our trip, please be in prayer with us. Please pray for God’s guidance for our future, be it more traveling or a job for Brian.

Brian has sent several resumes to various companies around the US. Our options are pretty open as far as where we will live. Shocking, yes. We love Texas, in fact we absolutely love it. However, we don’t want to idolize it. If God has plans for us to live somewhere else, then we need to follow His plans, not ours. We are not in any way saying we are trying to leave Texas, we just don’t want to make it a wedge between God’s plans for our future.

More travel…or slow down for a steady job?  Where will we live?  There are so many options open right now, we just aren’t sure which direction we will head.

Please pray.  Please pray we go where we are led.  Please pray we continue to have ultimate faith and trust in His plan.  Please pray for the kids as we all prepare for this transition.  Please pray for our sanity as we go where we are led.

Updated: December 14, 2014 — 10:08 am
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