Chesseburgers and silliness, oh yeah and horseback riding too!

Tuesday was a holiday that we just couldn’t help but to celebrate.  It was National Cheeseburger Day.  I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to celebrate that?

Celebrating #nationalcheeseburgerday

We met up with our friends, the Fowlers, and the Kimbles, and the Whitelys.  We got to Black Meg, a local favorite hamburger joint, when they opened at 11am.  Apparently their $1 cheeseburger sale was a hit that day, the place was packed!

After our bellies were full we headed home to work on school, but silliness ensued and it was hard to keep us on track…somehow we finished school before our surprise field trip.

Her laugh is contagious. :-)

Someone made this girl silly today!!

And that surprise field trip I mentioned…

So for the last few weeks the kids have been reading about horses.  They read Black Beauty, they read snipits about Sheherazad, Paul Revere’s horse, they read about Bucaphalis, Alexander the Great’s horse, etc.  I talked to a friend who owns a few horses and teaches horseback riding lessons to a few friends of ours.  I found out that for $20 she could teach a lesson all about horses and let all 4 kids ride a horse.  Sold!  I did not want to tell the kiddos though, I wanted it to be a surprise.

I told all of the kids to wear pants and their boots.  Once we were outside I lined them up for a photo and told them to say “We are going to go horseback riding!”  At first they were puzzled, then they all smiled and repeated me!!

It was a neat experience, one I hope they never forget.  Mrs. Sue taught them all about how to care for horses, how to groom and feed them, how to prepare them to ride, and how to ride them.  Each kiddo had the chance to ride Dream, the horse, for several minutes.  They all loved it!


















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