Christmas in McGovernville 2008

Vincent James

This was kind of a big Christmas for you.  You are really starting to “get” the whole meaning of it.  You have talked endlessly about Jesus and how he was born on Christmas, but you are quick to talk about his death as well.  You remind us that he is our Savior and died for our sins. 
You don’t watch much (if any) mainstream TV, so thankfully you didn’t really have a bad case of the “I want it all” due to endless amounts of commercialism.  When we did grace the toy aisles at stores and you mentioned any wants, unfortunately Daddy taught you to ask Santa.  He became a man who would bring it all, so we began to teach you the real meaning of Christmas – to give just as Christ gave to us.  Shortly after the “I want it all” incidents started, it became “we should buy this for the poor kids.”  This warmed my heart.  You helped pick out toys that we sent off to children who are less fortunate than us.  We thanked God more regularly for the toys that we do have, and the rest of the holiday season we worked hard towards be unselfish. 
On Christmas morning I realized that this might have seemed like a season of heros.  Your pj’s (a Christmas Eve tradition) are Superman, complete with a cape.  The slippers Kenniston so kindly picked out to give to you are Spiderman.  By the way, you loved them and wore them all day.  You also got 2 sets of Imaginex super heros, Superman and Batman.  They were small inexpensive sets, but you loved them.  Then, I have to brag a bit here, but you LOVED the cape that I sewed for you.  I wish I could have gotten the look on your face when you opened it.  You wore it all day long as well. 
I know you will play with the game we got you, the wooden motorcyle and Geotracks train that you received…but today your favorite things were of the super hero type.  I love you kiddo, you are a super hero in my eyes!

Kenniston Elaine

Tonight as we read the story of Christmas you knew exactly what was going on.  I first asked you whose birthday it was and you knew it was the birthday of Jesus.  I asked who had to go to Bethleham and you told me Joseph and Mary.  When I asked who was going to have a baby, you knew it was Mary.  Any detail about the story you could fill in! 
This morning you made my heart melt..  I was cooking breakfast in hopes of having it ready before any one else woke up.  I looked up from flipping pancakes and saw you standing at the Christmas tree staring in awe over the bounty of presents.  Your eyes were fixed on the princess tent that Daddy (er Santa) set up for you.  You wanted to dig in right away.  Instead, you helped me wrap the gift you picked out for Vincent (a pair of Spiderman slippers that we couldn’t wrap the day before because of the craziness).  You could not wait for him to open those slippers!  As soon as he woke up you ran and grabbed the gift and gave it to him.  I could not grab the camera in time!  Ack! 
After unwrapping presents and some meltdowns (yesterday was a long day for you, then the sugar and excitement of the day didn’t help your 2 1/2 year old self) you spent most of your day in your princess tent.  You climbed in decked out in your new rainbow pj’s, tutu, pink bow, and new cupcake neckalce.  Oh, did I mention you had a handful of ferries.  Too girlie and oh so cute!
I pray you continue to know and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.  I love you girlie girl!

Jack Owen

Dude.  Jack.  First of all, look at how cool you are!  Those sunglasses rock on you!  Second of all, this is your first Christmas and boy was it a doozy.  First, you woke up yesterday (Christmas Eve) with a temperature of 104.3.  Incase you didn’t realize it, for a 9 month old baby, that is scary high.  I called the doctor to get an appiontment, however, they wouldn’t even see you with a fever that high.  I had to take you to the ER.  I have to tell you a secret…I didn’t mind spending that time in the ER with you.  I loved just holding you and singing to you and helping you feel better.  It was just me and you.  Of course, it would have been a bit better had it not been Christmas Eve, but I was thrilled to be able to snuggle with you non the less.
This year I know you mainly noticed the lights and sounds of the holiday.  You won’t understand the importance of the birth of Christ and the meaning of his sacrifice until you are much older.  For now I pray that we were able to show you the love of Christ through this time. 
We were able to at least let you explore the variety of fun stuff that comes this time of the year.  You loved grabbing the Christmas tree pine needles.  You liked the flashing lights, the ribbons and bows.  You enjoyed eating wrapping paper in hopes that one of us wouldn’t find you (though we did). 
This year your gift list was small, some might even call it tiny.  Even though it was short, we made it meaningful.  The pj’s that you received as part of our family tradition were from the Carter’s gorilla line.  You make this adorable face that looks just like the gorilla on this line, so, I obviously had to get them for you. 
Since you like to bang things together so much, we got  you a great toy from Plan Toys.  It is a wooden toy that has pegs that you hammer with a mallet.  You loved banging this toy most of the day.  This of course, after stealing it back from your brother and big sister.  They too love this toy! 
Jack jack, I hope you enjoyed this first Christmas as much as I did.  I love you buddle bug and I look forward to many more Christmases with you!

Ruby Adeline

My dear sweet Adeline, this picture describes you perfectly.  You have such a curiousity about everything around you.  This Christmas was no different.  You were constantly trying to touch and explore items with your mouth.  Bows, ribbons, wrapping paper, tags, toys, the Christmas tree, ornaments, etc..if you could find a way to reach it, it went in your mouth. 
The meaning of Christmas is something that you will learn more about in the next year.  You won’t understand the importance of the birth of Christ and the meaning of his sacrifice until you are much older.  For now I pray that we were able to show you the love of Christ through this time. 
I know that for today, you enjoyed the excitement of our house.  You watched your siblings run around being more silly than ever.  You enjoyed them helping you unwrap gifts (even if they weren’t supposed to!).  You enjoyed sneaking (gummy) bites of apple from your big sister – more than once, but you didn’t enjoy getting caught because that meant the apple was taken away.  You enjoyed sweet potatoes and trying stuffing for the first time (you ate a lot more than usual today!).  You loved playing with your new VERY OWN tutu, which I can’t wait to photograph you wearing!  Hopefully tomorrow you can finish unwrapping your presents.   It seems somehow that you (and Jack) left behind a gift or two unwrapped.  One of those gifts I think I know you will love!  Not to give it away, but it is a set of wooden exploring blocks by Haba.  I know that you love to explore each and every detail of an item, so these will be perfect.  I really enjoy watching you explore.  I know that you have such a curiousity about this world and you are trying to take it all in.  I think each and every year will be more and more fun with you!  I love you Ruby love!

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