{coming out of hiding}

pssst. Hello. I am here, right here. We aren’t hiding, I promise. We have just been um, busy, really busy. I don’t know how our life got busy all of a sudden. PWOC, school, church, friends…Nana and Mamaw just thought us moving back would mean seeing us more. Sorry y’all, we promise, we will see you soon. 🙂

As any new homeowner, we have been busy around the house. Photos have been hung on the wall, boxes are unpacked and plans to finish up the outside have been put in place. Kinda. Sorta. Three weeks ago Papa Scott, Uncle Ronnie and a close friend, Joe, came over to help put the fence up. Their efforts were put to a halt when they realized that their equipment would not go through the layers of limestone that our entire area is covered in. Plan B was put into place as Scott proceeded to find the correct tools necessary. The fence was to be built today, November 21.

Thursday, November 19 an employee from our home builder came over to show us various things about our house (main water shut off and all that) and he just happened to mention that we need a city permit to build a FENCE! Um yeah. Onto plan C. So today, instead of building a fence we decided to put sod down instead. After all, we don’t need a permit for that (as far as I know, lol).

Laying sod is a lot of work. 4.5 hours and we only had 2 pallets laid. Ok, I should have a better attitude. 4.5 hours later and we had 1/4 of the yard finished. Something like that.




In the end, we will have an amazing yard of St Augastine-run-barefoot-through-the-yard-kinda-grass. I look forward to it.


Updated: November 22, 2010 — 1:06 am
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