Could this be the end of swaddling for Jack?

Several times over the last week Jack has fallen asleep while waiting for me to swaddle he and Ruby.  Tonight after I swaddled and nursed him I put him down.  He had a really hard time settling down so I decided to go ahead and unswaddle his top half.  He fell asleep right away.  Could this be it?  Could he be done swaddling?  If so, it makes me sad. 

He and Ruby both are super active babies.  They love to be talked to, tickled, and played with.  I think Jack enjoys his Aunt Mandy this best.  He loved how she played with him today.  He was laughing so hard while she tickled him, gave him zerberts and made silly faces at him. 
Ruby had a blast serenading us during dinner tonight.  She spent the entire half hour singing her beautiful little baby squeals.  He smiled during her whole song.  I think she sleeps smiling.  I know for a fact she smiles at all hours of the night.  The twins have started the wonderful 4 month all night wakings.  Jack likes to nurse.  Ruby likes to sing.  While I enjoy getting that one on one time with each baby, I wish I could do it during normal day light hours.

During the day they are doing so much more!  “Playtime” consists of floor play.  During floor play I let them have a few toys to explore or they lay under the baby gym.  Sometimes I put one or both in the Jumeroo or the exersaucer.  We also have 2 different baby chairs, like the Bumbo.  One of them is a Bumbo while the other is another brand that has a ring with toys around it.  They are both great because they teach the babies how to sit up properly.  Speaking of the babies sitting up, Jack is nearing that milestone!  The physical therapist has been very helpful in that area!  He has great muscle tone in his back and can sit up with assistance for quite some time.  I am working on Ruby right now as well.  She has some incredible trunk control.  She can get her legs under her body and scoot forward while laying on her belly.  Anytime I put the twins down on the big blanket in the living room they end up all over the place! 

People keep telling me that I have my hands full.  It does get old hearing that, but I am begining to think it might be true.

Updated: July 24, 2008 — 5:54 am
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