Cows, chickens, and cats.

We have planned many activities for our trip.  When you plan a trip like this, you want to make the most of it.  However, I also desired the unexpected experiences.  This was one of those.

Jay and Maria attended North Country Fellowship Church during the time we were stationed at Fort Drum.  We were part of a small group with Jay and we had the chance to get to know him and his family during our time at New York.  I was just getting to know Maria before we left the area.  Thanks to Facebook, we have been able to keep up with them over the years.

During our stay here, Maria came to me and asked if we wanted to come over and visit their family farm.  For the past several years Jay’s family has owned a dairy business.  Every day they care for and milk around 100 cows.  I couldn’t say yes fast enough!!  What an awesome experience!

Before getting to the milking barn, the kids found the chickens.  They, along with Jay and Maria’s sons, chased a few around in hopes of having the chance to pet one.  Unfortunately for them, they were unsuccessful.


We headed into one of the smaller barns first.  There we found just a few young cows.  Right away they tried licking the kids.  Many giggles broke out.


These city slicker kiddos were full of questions.  Maria didn’t mind answering them!


After finishing our tour of the smaller barn and chicken coop, we headed to the milking barn to let the kids watch the cows get milked.

They found the cows interesting and they even watched the process of hooking up the udders to the milking machines.




However, something kept calling their attention…



Barn cats.  There were several of them.  The kids all wanted to hold one.  Or pet one.  Or love all over one.  These kids love animals, especially cats.    048


I loved the cows.  This one is Lucky.  Her name is appropriate, given the 7 on her forehead.



Thank you Peck family for inviting us out to check out the dairy farm.  We all had a blast (and now my kids have added cows and chickens to their list of desired animals.)




More on our Northern New York trip coming soon….

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