Day 14 of Thankfulness

Today I am thankful for my grandparents. They were a military family for many years and their marriage has sustained a lot of trials and tribulations. Through it all they have grown strong and they care for and love each other very much. They also love us very much. Today they drove to Killeen to visit us and took the kids and I shopping. The kids loved going to the toy aisle of Target and being told “ok, you can pick & actually *take home* any toy you’d like.” This has been the second year in a row that they came to Killeen and let the kids do that and it has been fun each time. Vincent knew right away that he wanted a pair of spy sunglasses (that he has been using NON-stop!), Jack picked out a Lego set right away, Ruby didn’t take much time to pick out her Barbie doll, but Kenniston, oh Kenniston. She took a looooong time picking out her toys. So long, in fact that I had to um, suggest something. She loved what I suggested (a pretend hair saloon activity and a dress for her favorite doll), but sheesh that girl could not make up her mind! She did the same thing last year by the way 🙂 I guess she just has to get it right, which isn’t a bad thing!




Updated: November 15, 2011 — 5:56 am
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