Dearest Jack Jack

My dear Sweet Little Jack,

Although it was 5 1/2 months ago, I remember the day you were born.  After delivering your sister, they told me they were concerned about your low resting heart rate.  There was talk of EKGs and keeping you in the NICU for observations.  Then they were concerened about your breathing.  So away you went.  I wasn’t worried, no I had peace knowing God would care for you.  I knew he would get you through the rough journey into this world.
Now here we are, months later, and I know God will get me through these rough days as well.  Days of a non-sleeping little boy.  A baby boy who desperately needs a good long hard sleep, not one that is cut short for no apparent reason.  I know God will once again give me peace (and hopefully quiet..maybe a goodnight sleep - ok, a Mommy can ask, right?).  

Seriously Bud, what is up?  What is with the lack of sleep lately?  You seem to sleep well (ok for half an hour or so) in my arms.  Holding a sleeping baby boy in my arms is sweet and all, but we gotta be fair to your siblings.  I do still have to care for them and at some point I should put you down and let them have some of my attention.  I am all for slinging you, however, at some point, I really should  have the opportunity to run around and play soccer with the big kids, or bend over to do laundry, or finally rearrange the cabinets. 

Son, I love holding you, I really do (I waited a looooong 9 months to hold you in my arms instead of my belly), but I would love if we could arrange for you to actually nap on your own at some point.  Please?

Updated: September 5, 2008 — 5:38 am
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