December 2015

This month was crazy. Yes, I know I said that about every other month, but seriously. CRAZY!! In addition to wrapping up school for the fall semester, we put our house on the market. This meant downsizing (AGAIN! we just did that before our Big Trip), packing up everything that wasn’t absolutely essential, and most challenging – KEEPING THE HOUSE CLEAN AT ALL TIMES!! I’m not gonna sugar coat it, that was stinken’ difficult. But we did it and within 13 days of the house going on the market, we had an offer. (spoiler alert, that situation didn’t work out)


On the weekends we made trips to our new town. We wanted to show the kids what the area was like and let them get acquainted with it. It is the cutest little town. They have events for holidays and neat family friendly activities. In December we attended their Holiday festival and their winter celebration downtown – just blocks from our new house!
After months of preparation we held our church Christmas program, and it was a success! Many families participated and everyone had a great time celebrating the birth of Christ. Grandma and Papa Lou even got to join us (and they were a big help that night).



The week after the Christmas program the crazy continued. We moved. Days before Christmas.



Friends from all parts of our life came out to help us move.  Mom also joined the fun!  It was a long day, but we finally made this old house our home.


We had our traditional Chinese food meal that we eat when we first move into a new place (yes, we have moved so many times that we have a move in night tradition).


Notice the choice of bowl for my egg drop soup.  It’s what happens when your life goods are still in boxes.

We only lived in our house for a few days before the neighbors started coming over to meet us. And bring us cookies. And help us move in. It was simply amazing the kindness we found in this community. I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t moved to tears at one point.



I’d like to leave this post as butterflies and roses, but it would be wrong to leave out the fun we had on Christmas day.  That was the day we learned we had a broken sewer pipe, which of course was not covered under any part of our warranty or contract.  We knew moving into an old house would provide hours of repair, we just didn’t think it would be right away.  Oh well, we jumped into this house feet first.

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