Definitly NOT My Idea

Just for the record, I have never asked my older children to change a diaper.  Ever.  Nor will I.  Ever

This morning Kenniston came into the living room and informed me that Ruby was her baby and I was the babysitter.  I told her (in a jokingly manner) that her baby needed a diaper change.  So what did my darling daughter do?  She walked over to the basket of diapers and grabbed the wipes and a diaper.  As she proceeded to take off Ruby’s diaper Vincent jumped in to help. 

The two of them did a great job.  Ruby was very patient.  She even laid still as the big kids opened up and tried to figure out how to get the new diaper in place. 

This is where they got stumped.  And kinda gave up.  Time for the babysitter to step in.  hehe

Updated: August 13, 2009 — 9:21 am
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