Did You Know?

A post about little known facts about yours truly.

Did you know that I do not like loose teeth?
or when they fall out (ewwww)?

Did you know that I don’t really like tomatoes, but I could drink salsa by the gallon?

Did you know that all I could say for several minutes after Kenniston was born was “I have a girl, I have a daughter.”

Did you know that she thinks that is really neat?

Did you know that I used to have honey colored dark blond hair until I moved up north?

Did you also know that I much look forward to my hair going back to it’s “normal” color?

Did you know that I was on a National Horticulture team when I was in High School?

Did you know I can not wait to start a garden when we get to Texas, but I fear most of my teachings might have gone to the way side?

Did you know that it has been 15 years since I graduated High School?!?!

Did you know I have a love of educational material?

Did you know that I am a horrible speller and even worse I stink at grammar?

Did you know I am thankful for instructional material when it comes to homeschooling (for the above mentioned reason)?

Did you know I was a nanny in college as well as a camp counselor in the summer?

Did you know I love ethnic food like Pho soup, Nann bread, Masala Chan, and shushami?

Did you know that I have a love of music and a variety at that?

Did you know that love of music does not include rap or most classic rock?

Did you know that I have broken a couple of my toes, fractured my arm (in a fight with a boy when I was in the 4th grade), broken and fractured my nose?

Did you know it took me a few hours to come up with these few facts about myself?

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Did you know that I got my hair cut today and I feel like a million bucks?

Updated: August 15, 2010 — 3:11 am

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