E, it’s not just a vowel

It’s an emotion. 

  • Sometimes around here it’s eeeEEEEEE as in “I love it, I am so excited.”
  • Others its eeeEEEeeeEEEeeeeeeeeEeeeEeeE, that time it is a happy little silly song.
  • Then there are times it is eeeEEEEEEEeeeeEEEEEEeeEEEEE. At that point it is sad and somewhat whiney. As in “Mommy can you please get this hair brushing session over?”
  • Often we hear eeeeeEeeeeeeeeeeeee. That one is a simple hum along to my play time kinda thing.
As you may have guessed, Kenniston is our E lover.  Last night it was Brian who mentioned how much she says it.  After listening to her for a while I realized just how right he is. 
Updated: October 20, 2008 — 6:30 am

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