Eat your heart out Martha!

because we are moving in!  Yes we have 4 kiddos, but man can those kiddos whip up a yummy batch of marshmellows!  Today the kids were so excited to help me make some peppermint marshmellows.  I found an awesome site that had a great recipe, tomorrow we get to top it off with home made gourmet hot cocoa, we can’t wait!
Here are a few pics:

the kiddos sifting the sugars

Kenniston and teddy (who has to go almost everywhere now days) stirring the hot mixture (yes I was with her at all times!)

the mixture fluffing up:

Me trying to spread the sticky mess:

Cutting out the shapes:

Some of you will see the finished product soon.  Not to give away any surprises….

Updated: December 17, 2008 — 7:04 am


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  1. Wouldn’t it have been easier to just glue a bunch of mini mellows together?

  2. There’s a fine line between what’s easy and what’s awesome.

  3. I agree, Brian! These kids will always remember making marshmallows!! But then I don’t know if any of you remember us making marshmallow eggs at Easter, or fudge, or caramels!

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