Either Or

I have had to chose…
either add pictures to Dropshots, or blog
I have pictures avaliable, so I added them. 
This, however, was my day today

fresh spit up on my shoulder (and arm and chest, bonus!)
in my pj’s still at 2pm
eating lunch at 3pm
it’s a healthy one today, chips and quacamole
Jack went down, Ruby is still awake
colds and teething make naps so much more fun (bedtime as well)
taped the kids light in the off position this morning
I didn’t enjoy the constant battle of the kids turning it on to play at naptime and bedtime
Kenniston actually napped today
Vincent and I raced today in between my cleaning spree
got a free huge (ok, huge to us) TV from some good friends
finished up part of our DVD downsizing project
laundry piled up in our laundry room, clean and dirty are neck and neck
tomorrow is swim lessons and gymnastics
Jack has one tooth, 2 more are ready to pop through
most excitng news is Brian and I get a date night tomorrow night!!!

Hopefully I will have more time to update our blog.  Life is fast around here.  I am trying to slow down and enjoy the kids as much as possible, I keep hearing that this stage goes by so fast.  I really want to slow down and enjoy it.

In the mean time, enjoy our dropshots page for now! (password is: ladybug)

Updated: November 15, 2008 — 8:21 am
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