El Cheapo summer-o

We have been trying to save up enough money for Brian’s mid-tour break.  With plane tickets that cost $1,000 (and a budget that is at it’s limit thanks to high over seas cost of living), we are very limited in how much we spend on non-essential expenses.  So this summer we made our bucket list of fun with this limited budget in mind.

In addition to visiting museums for free (thanks to the Blue Star Program), I also found that Chick Fil A has awesome family nights!  On this particular Tuesday night if you dressed up as a cow, then your entire meal was FREE.  You better bet your rear we all dressed up as a cow.  A white shirt, some black spots, some cow ears, and a tail and BAM – a free meal.  Y’all I have 5 folks (and a visiting mother in law) to feed , I don’t mind dressing up like a cow once in a while for some (good) free food.

Cowabunga! #chickfila #cowappreciation

Jack cow. Grandma cow. Moo.

Ruby cow. Moo.

From head to tail, we were dressed as cows.

Kenniston cow. From ears to tail.

Vincent cow. Silly cow.

We may have also “mooo’ed” for a free milkshake.  May have.

Mommy cow. Moo.

Then we went to Target and visited the Starbucks inside.  While there, we picked up a free sample of their new refresher.  Yup.  We enjoy a good deal.

From free lunch to free Starbucks drinks. Today was a (free) good day.

Updated: July 15, 2012 — 4:12 am
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