Entering the 5th month this week!

I can’t believe that I am already 18 weeks pregnant! According to my Expecting books I entered my 5th month this week. I am excited, it seems like April will be here before I know it.

I have definitely been feeling movement. About a week or two ago I felt baby Sweet Pea flip or kick hard, whatever s/he did, it was big! We visited my midwife last week and got to hear the heartbeat again. It was a healthy 153. The baby is at my belly button and the midwife said that I am really starting to show, but I should expect quite a bit more growth in the next couple of weeks.
Until birth, though, Sweet Pea remains firmly attached to my placenta via his or her umbilical cord, which is growing thicker and stronger, thanks to the blood and nutrients constantly rushing through it. The baby’s skeleton is transforming from soft cartilage to bone. These bones remain flexible, though, so that this precious package can pass more easily through the birth canal.
At almost 6 inches and , Sweet Pea is about the size of a beanie baby this week. Some of his or her more advanced body systems are working now too, including the circulatory system and urinary tract. Sweet Pea has even begun inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid so their lungs will be strong enough at birth to breathe. Baby’s head is now held high, and limb movements occur in a coordinated fashion. The eyes have come closer together so that they face forward, and the baby begins to blink. Tiny toenails are beginning to form. On our ultrasound next month, we might catch sight of the sucking reflex as Sweet Pea sucks his or her thumb.

I am finally feeling more pregnant than just big and gross. This sounds silly, but I physically feel as good as I do emotionally. I have energy and motivation to do things, which is good seeing how we are moving in just a few weeks. Brian and I have both been talking to baby Sweet Pea. I love feeling him/her moving around, it is another affirmation that everything is coming along as it should. I look forward to meeting this individual. My cravings have been sweets (especially chocolate) and pickles, which comes to prove my theory that every pregnancy is as different as every child!

Be sure to check out the ultrasound/photo page as I will be posting more belly pics as Sweet Pea grows.

Updated: November 26, 2005 — 9:40 pm
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