Expiration Dates

I have this weird thing about dates.  Every time Brian has gone away, be it for a training or a year long deployment, I get excited over dates.  Towards the end of his time away I would get a little giddy seeing an advertised event that is past Brian’s expected arrival.  I loved picking up a carton of milk and seeing a date that was past the time he should be home.  Knowing he would be holding that very carton, the contents would not go bad until after he was home, that was exciting for me.


The same holds true for our upcoming trip.  Today as I looked at our container of half and half I looked at the date.

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October 31.  That is days *after* we plan to begin our big trip.  We will be on the road when this is ready to be thrown away (well, theoretically, y’all know how much I love coffee around here.  It could be gone tomorrow…).  Our time here (for now) is about to expire.

Updated: October 14, 2014 — 12:29 am
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