February 2016 Recap







Our month started out with a Daddy and Daughter Dance.  Brian purchased the tickets as a surprise for the girls.  They loved dressing up and going out for a fancy dinner and dance at a restaurant on the lake.



The kids started swim lessons this month.  Though they are all good swimmers we wanted them to improve on what they knew.  The twins were in a class to grow stronger as young swimmers while the big kids were taught how to swim laps and learn new strokes.  Everyone enjoyed their lessons and grew from them!


We were visited by my good friend Kristi and her kiddos.  I have grown up with Kristi and enjoy watching our kids grow up together as well.



This month was homeschool month at our local museum, The Bob Bullock Museum in Austin.  We have been a few times to this museum and we always enjoy it.  I remember taking the kids when they were very young (preschool age and early elementary age).  I longed for them to be at an age where they could appreciate museums and take the time to learn about the exhibits and desire to know more.  Though they were curious, their maturity had not quite reached the stage.  We have frequented museums over the years, between our travels and everyday life, and now our kids love museums.  They know and encourage appropriate behavior in museums and they want to explore and learn about the things they see.  It is so enjoyable to go with them!




While we were there the kids all had the     chance to participate in an enrichment class.  The girls chose to take an art class on planets, while the boys chose a space class.


On Wednesday nights we have loved walking a few blocks to our town farmer’s market. We have met and now know several of the vendors and love purchasing their goods.  The kids know where to get fresh okra and tomatoes, locally roasted coffee, repurposed items made into toys, and vinyl products.



We have been getting a little antsy to travel, but we decided to stay in Texas for the year.  One weekend we headed out in hopes of hiking at one of our favorite parks, Enchanted Rock.  Apparently have of Texas decided to do the same thing.  The line to get *in* the park was over a mile long.  Instead of waiting an hour and possibly  not getting into the park, we opted to head to a nearby German town and explore.

We all loved the vibe of the town and the fabulous German restaurant, The Auslander.  If you find yourself in Fredricksburg, I highly recommend checking it out.




On our way home we realized we were not far from the infamous Luckenbach Texas.  We couldn’t just drive through and not visit, so we stopped in had a beer, and listened to some live music.






Our CC community held a field trip at another local museum, this one is on the University of Texas campus.  We had a great group of mamas who helped coral all of the kiddos and teach them along the way.  Our kids especially enjoyed learning with their friends.


Afterwards some of our close friends from that group came to our house to hang out for a while.  Vincent and his buddy Micah have grown to be close buds over this school year, they really enjoyed hanging out



Speaking of school, the kiddos have continued with Classical Conversations.  They love it!  At first a few of them were apprehensive, but they have grown to enjoy every aspect of it and I find them often wanting to learn more about what they are doing.


Kenniston and Vincent had their end of semester presentations.  Kenniston did hers on training for the Olympic games while Vincent did his on Alexander the Great.  Kenniston dressed up and took traditional greek food for part of the presentation.  Vincent took a gordian not, the type Alexander broke, as part of his presentation.

The twins have continued to enjoy their classes as well.  They dissected owl pellets and did many other fun science experiments this month.


In between all of this we had silliness.






Pie at the local pie shop down the road.








And Kisses on the front porch









Sometimes we even found times for date weekends!  While the kiddos visited Nana we headed out for a date on the town!




We often found ourselves going for  walk around Austin, or just simply grabbing a cup of coffee and enjoying the silence.





And then there was always  things around the house to work on…but more on that next time.  For now, here is one small project we did.  We mounted this old chalk board (from Papa Scott’s church) to the wall, then I stained and distressed the wood frame and added it to the chalkboard.  It is my favorite part of the dining room!

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