Finally, some GOOD news!

Every time I have been to the doctor’s office I have heard bad news. Until today.

My doctor told me that my CT-scan and my x-ray both reviled that I do not have ANY broken bones. It turns out I have a grade 3 sprain. There are 4 different grades, 1 being a mild sprain 4 being the worst, and requiring surgery. My injury is torn muscles, but they are NOT completely separated! I do NOT need surgery!


I do, however, need physical therapy, which I will start soon. I will also be in the aircast for another month. This is a bummer, but at least I will not be in it for the anticipated 6-8 weeks. I was so excited that I suggested we go to the park for a bit. The kids played at the park while Brian and I strolled. Brian strolled, I rolled. I could only hang for 3 laps. Normally I run 12. I will be back at it again soon…


Updated: January 16, 2014 — 12:50 pm
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