Flashback Friday

This boy is a kiddo now.  A full blown boy who can talk your ear off with his crazy stories and ideas.  He loves to help me clean the kitchen every night.  Tonight it was mopping and wiping down the counter tops, the night before was sweeping.  It is sad to see him grow up and see the world in the reality that it is instead of the two year old niave ways he used to have.  He used to watch any given Disney movie without fear, now he has parts that he won’t watch because they scare him.  He runs to his room and shuts the door to avoid them. 

Even though the worlds fears are unraveling around him and rearing their ugly head, I pray that he keeps his silliness about him.  I pray that he always feels ok telling me silly words and making up silly names for himself and people in our immediate family.  He is my silly boo bear and I love him dearly.

Updated: October 11, 2008 — 5:00 am

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