Flashback Friday & Prayer Request

First I will start with the prayer request.  Many of you might remember “Aunt Mandy.”  We have gone to church with them for 2 years and have become close friends.  She was even at the birth of Jack and Ruby and was gracious enough to video tape the whole thing. 
She and her family have been an amazing blessing to our own family and we always hope that we can be the same to them.  Right now we have found ourselves in prayer for them.  They have wanted a baby for a while now.  They have had some medical obsticals and as of this summer they have been given the go ahead to try to concieve.  Month after month of negative pregnancy tests were hard.  On January 1st, however, Mandy finally got a postive test!  We have all been celebrating ever since.  Her doctor, thankfully has kept a close watch on her to make sure that things are going smoothly. 
This past week, they weren’t.  The kinda good news, her blood work has shown certain numbers to be doubling rapidly and it might indicate a TWIN pregnancy (she found this out at 5 weeks 5 days, the SAME EXACT day we found out about our twins!).  The bad news, she has had a few more “issues” that might indicate a problem.  I have spoken to Mandy and she knows that I am sharing this with you, dear blog reader.  I told her I wouldnt’ reveil too much personal info, but I am asking for you guys to pray for her family, especially this much desired baby.  I know that God has a plan and we all live in it, but please pray especially for comfort and his presence during this roller coaster ride.

Now, onto Flashback Friday..


I am a bad Mommy.  I forgot to even post about Vincent’s first ever Christmas production at church (or ever for that matter).  Held on Christmas Eve, The production itself was (obviously) the story from Luke about the birth of Christ.  It was a short, yet meaningful production. Vincent’s class were dressed as sheep (with a few cows thrown in for good measure) and they sang “Away In a Manger.”  It was so cute.  He did so well and was so proud.  It didn’t even phase him to stand on stage and sing, he loved it.  As always, here are a few pictures from the event:

Waiting for Mary to arrive:

Vincent’s class singing.  Vincent is the last one on the right…you know, the cute one with croked sheep ears.

While we are on the subject of Christmas Eve, I forgot to mention on this lovely blog about how Jack thought the day would be better spent in the ER.  Yeah, I can’t believe I forgot also.  So, he woke up that morning (late I might add) with a high fever.  How high you ask, 104.3, thanks for asking.  I called to make an appointment with the doctor and was told “the pediatricians office won’t see him with a fever that high, you need to take him to the ER now instead.” Woah, that woke me right up!  I had to call Brian so he could watch the other kids while I did just that (I did not want to take the other kids in to the ER and have them catching who-knows-what while we waited).  As I waited for Brian to come home I packed up a bag to keep me occupied while we spent, what I thought would be an entire day there.  Thankfully, in a weird way, Jack was a high priority because he was an infant with a high fever. The doctor did x-rays to rule out any chest issues.  He wasn’t to thrilled with our choice to do selective vaccinations on our own schedule (more on that another day) and was going to run some blood work and keep us over night.  After seeing the x-rays and watching Jack improve rapidly with just tylonal and motrin (the Army’s two staples) he let us leave.  No blood work, nothing.  Wouldn’t ya know, Jack was back to normal by the next morning!  It was weird, but I was thankful that nothing ever came of it.  So there ya have it…a flashback from last year, it feels funny to say that.  Then again “last year” was only 16 days ago!

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