Somedays it is hard to be a parent. Every day I try to remain calm through every situation. I try to refrain from getting angry or letting the anger get the worst of me and let it turn into yelling. I am not proud to say that there are days when I yell. It is not usually an all day affair (actually I can’t recall an entire day of yelling – ever).

Today was a rough day. I woke up excited to try out a new work out, however, I couldn’t shake the grouchiness. I was trying hard, even on our drive to Walmart after the aerobics work out. It was working, until Ruby starting hacking up mucus, then she threw up. We got to Wal Mart, and things were ok there, but I was. still. grouchy.

After we got home & did a pretty cool experiment (that I messed up, ops) and ate lunch (which was nasty and probably didn’t help my mood, lol) I was still grouchy.

Finally after the twins nap we went out to get the oil changed, we picked up some Starbucks and sat and hung out a bit. I was finally starting to feel a bit better. We went home ate dinner and did our usual routine. As usual, I went to pray with each of the kids. I felt the need to ask the kids (individually) for forgiveness. I talked with Kenniston and, true to her nature, she was sweet and forgave me.

Then I went to Vincent and started talking to him. Before I could even finish Vincent said to me “It’s ok Mommy, I already forgave you earlier.” It both broke my heart and made me so proud to hear him say that.

He probably thought Mommy was whacky for standing there and crying and praying for him, but his smile was enough to let me know how important it is to ask for forgiveness and then forgiving someone. I am so thankful for that reminder from my children.


Updated: September 22, 2011 — 2:48 am
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