Friday afternoon fun

The kids have are now part of a speech club. Every Friday for an hour we meet up with other homeschool families and do activities to help the kids learn how to speak in front of other people. My kids, as you might already know, don’t really have a problem doing this. It is nice though to refine these skills and help them be the best speakers they can be. After this Friday’s meeting I decided to head to Barnes and Noble for a relaxing time. We stopped at Starbucks where the twins got hot cocoa and the big kids shared a (DECAF) salted caramel mocha, which by the way, is their new “sometimes treat” of choice.

  My children will share my addiction. #starbucks

Don’t freak out. They shared a tall (aka the smallest size) and will only get one once a month or so. And it’s decaffeinated. After some chatting in the Starbucks area we headed to the kids book area where the kids played on Duplos, checked out Legos, and read books as if they were in a library. Meanwhile I sat back and enjoyed the slow pace that came after yet another long week. That lasted until this guy climbed on my shoulders.

  I sit down and this is what Jack does. #sillykid

Updated: September 15, 2012 — 4:27 am
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