From 8 to 1 to none

I don’t know how it happens, but it does.  Some how we go from having 8 (no joke) to 1 pacifier in less than a week.  I had a pile of 4 in the kitchen, 1 in each crib and 1 in each carseat (with a strap attached to each one).  Some how, some way, all but 1 of those pacifiers got lost.  How?  Typically the babies don’t use them unless they are going to sleep, in the carseat, or occasionally we will give one to Jack if he is exceptionally fussy. 
Last night when we took the babies to childcare at the YMCA we took the 1 remaining pacifier with us.  When we went to pick up the babies, that 1 and only pacifier was lost.  The childcare worker had it as she held Ruby, but lost it.  She (and two other employees) searched the entire room and could not find it.  We had no choice but to buy more (Jack has to have one to sleep and Ruby prefers it).  So off to Target we went and bought 4 more of the coveted sucking silicone goodies.
Flashforward to tonight.  2 pacifiers in carseats, 2 in the cribs.  Ruby’s somehow got lost in the abyss of a crib that she sleeps in so I got one out of her carseat.  1 lost, 3 to go.  Jack still had his minutes later, but Ruby started to fuss – again.  I checked and once again, her pacifier was GONE!  So, if you are keeping count, we are now down to 2.  I was frustrated (understatement) by this point and decided dto turn the light on and move her crib.  As I moved the crib the wooden corner slats seperated from the mattress and out popped 4 (yes FOUR) pacifiers onto the floor!!  So now we have a total of 6 pacifiers and I found the corner of the bed that Ruby likes to get into and apparently spit her pacifiers into. 
Updated: December 4, 2008 — 4:57 am
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