Getting back to “normal” life is HARD

I have had a hard time getting back to what was normal before Brian came home for his visit. Our original plans to visit Disneyland were pushed aside, but our visit was still wonderful and amazing. We explored our great state and really enjoyed each other. The kids wrapped their Daddy around their little fingers and enjoyed doing it. Truth be known, he did too. I loved talking to him, in person, everyday. I loved his help, oh my goodness did I ever miss that! The little things like holding his hand or that look he gives me. I missed that a lot too.

Now he is back in Afghanistan and here we are diving back into our life again. Thankfully we have school to give us a fun little distraction. Vincent was thrilled to jump into it.


Kenniston has been excited as well. She has asked everyday to do school work. While Vincent does his daily name writing and letter practice, so does Kenniston. Her “work” consist more of writing random letters and drawing pictures. I haven’t ever told her that she has to do any of it, she just loves it and asks to do it.

She loves school so much now, she has even READ HER FIRST BOOK! On Friday during reading time I asked her if she wanted to come sit down to read with Vincent. When I asked her that I meant to hear him read, not for her to read. She said no, so I let her go about her business playing (I am really lose with her and the whole school thing). After Vincent had read 3 of his 4 Bob Books, Kenniston walked in and asked to read. She got up on my lap and picked out the “Dot” book. She proceeded to read the whole thing!!! She sounded out the words and did so well. I am so proud of that girl! Since then she has read another of the Bob Books.

The only challenge with this whole homeschooling thing is having 2 babies (er I mean toddlers) to keep busy and out of the school area. Currently I am tweaking the (very lose) schedule so I can do more toddler friendly activities until nap time. For now we stick to playtime and our daily walk when the twins are awake, and it seems to work.

Updated: September 23, 2009 — 6:59 am

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