Go ahead, laugh, it is ok

If you are reading this, then you probably receive our Christmas cards. If you haven’t gotten a card from us, please let me know and I would be happy to send one to you.

So anyway, this year’s card was um special. Here is the full story (because I am sure you are all curious, or something). While on Vicodin, Brian worked on our family newsletter. It was a really good one too. That night I proofread the google doc version. If you have ever used a google doc you know that it is live on the internet. Anyone who is invited to view the doc can edit it while someone else is viewing it. So, while I sat there proofreading Brian thought it was funny to add little silly things in the doc. We laughed the night away then once the document had been edited, Brian printed 50 of them out. I looked at them and placed them on the printer.

The next night I went out with some other homeschool moms (I wore my finest denim jumper and turtle neck combo, by the way…). After dinner and chatting the night away I came home to find everyone in the house asleep. It was the perfect time to wrap up the Christmas cards and prepare them to be sent off. Small problem, I could not find the pile of 50 newsletters any where. I searched for about half an hour. Finally at well after 11pm I sat down and decided to print more up. Forgetting that I had saved it in google docs instead of my usual word docs I searched word docs. Once again, I could not find it. I started to rewrite the entire newsletter.

About half way into it I realized that I had saved it in google docs so I pulled it up, copied and pasted the rest of it into the newsletter that I wrote and did a quick spell check and at just before midnight I hit print.

I quickly read the newsletter and by this time was so tired that I didn’t think much of it. The next day the big kids were super helpful when it came to assembling the cards and newsletters. They helped me fold and stuff the envelopes. When we had completed 40 or so of the 50 cards Vincent started reading the newsletter and had a question about it. I started to read the collaboration of work from the previous two nights and quickly realized how ridiculous the letter seemed. The mistakes were plenty. There was no way, however, I was going to stop and open the 40 cards we had already stuffed to fix the mistakes. You will see the word “we” instead of “well” at the beginning of the letter and at the end you will see Kenniston mentioned twice instead of Kenniston and Ruby. Yeah, there are plenty of them. Oh well.

I hope you also see a crazy busy year that we have had. One full of excitement, praying, joy, laughter, travel, sadness, love, fun, chaos, learning, growing, and much more. It is ok to laugh though, I know we sure have. Vincent & Kenniston probably thought I was crazy when I first saw most of these mistakes. I just laughed hard. I am still kind of chuckling at it all.

Oh as far as the pile of newsletters that were lost. I found them, 2 days later. The printer they were on sits on a desk. At some point the pile fell behind the desk. I found this pile when I dropped something under the desk and I went to pick it up. Go figure.

Updated: December 12, 2010 — 5:57 am
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