God has a plan

Today was one of those days.  Not bad, necessarily, just one of those days.  It started out by me getting about 7 1/2 hours of sleep.  Yup, you read that right.  Seven and a half!  So that was a great start.  Brian got up and ran a quick errand with Vincent while I got the other 3 kiddos ready for the day.  As we were leaving I got a phone call.  My sweet friend Amber, who was going to babysit our kiddos so Brian and I could have a date tonight, was very sick.  Her husband was trying to figure something out so we could still have our date.  It was very kind, but after chatting a bit we just decided to go on another night.  No biggie! 

Soon I headed out with all 4 kids and left Brian to pack up for his upcoming trip.  We met up with Nina (Aunt Mandy’s daughter) so she could help me on our errands of the day.  We were off to a good start.  First Target, where Kenniston actually peed in the potty.  Yeay, things were going ok.  After we left Target it seemed like a nice day, perfect for finally taking those family pictures.  I swung by the house to pick up some things, told Brian that we would come by to pick him up for pictures in an hour, then we headed off to get our oil change, swing by the library and then onto the post office to mail of some things. 

Got to Jiffylube, and for the second weekend in a row, they were out of our oil filters.  Ok, fine, onto the library next.  They can’t seem to find a book that I KNOW we turned in (I remember how devastated Vincent was when we turned in the book “An Island Grows”).  I now have a nice little fee due there.  Hmpf.  We ran back to the house to pick up Brian.  Kenniston has now had an accident, Jack fell asleep (meaning no clothing change) and Ruby is crying because she is hungry.  I push on, persevere if you will.  Brian and I start to lock up the house….it starts to rain.  The perfect outdoor shot in my head is now long gone.  GRRRR. 

We drive around and find a location that is under a roof.  We miss the most of day light, but get a few good shots.  All of us had frost bite frozen fingers but we probably got a few good pictures.  We might have had to bribe the kids with hot cocoa.  Kenniston might have requested Forza by name…might have.

At Forza we were able to take more pictures, though  not any with the 6 of us together. We then decided to push our luck and take the kiddos back (with Nina obviously) and put them all to bed so Brian and I could head out for a date night at a closer restaurant.  

It wasn’t so bad getting the kids down, but as Ruby began to seriously protest sleep I started to wonder if we would be able to leave for our date night. Things finally quieted down and we headed out.  We went to the Chinese restaurant across the highway, we didn’t want to stray too far.  I am so glad we didn’t…

We hadn’t been sitting down more than 10 minutes when my phone rang.  I saw the caller was “home.”  Nina told me that she went to check on Kenniston and found her covered in, you guessed it, POOP!  (for those of you who have read our blog for a while, you know it isn’t the first, second or third time this has happened).  I told Nina to just put Kenniston in the bathtub with some warm water and soap and leave her there until we got home.  I also told her to not touch her room, we would take care of it.  We scarfed down the rest of dinner and cut our date short so we could go home to clean up our daughter’s mess (come on, you didn’t think we would make our 12-year-old sitter do that job did you?). 

On the short 5 minute drive to Super Buffet we talked about God’s plan.  I have learned to not question it as much as I had in the past.  I am, by no means, perfect in this area.  I don’t understand why things did not work out in the picture department today.  I mean come on, Brian has very little time before his big trip and I know a picture would be anything but detrimental to our family relationship.  Ditto with the whole oil filter.  And same with getting Grandma’s diabetic supplies mailed to her.  So why would God have it so we got to the post office 3 minutes after they closed?  Why did the picture idea just not work out today?  Were we just not supposed to go on a date before Brian leaves?  Why would God do that?  At what point were we supposed to improvise and enjoy, and when were we supposed to just throw the towel in and assume XYZ wasn’t supposed to happen? 

In the weirdest of ways, we got an answer just after the phone call from Nina.  Our waitress brought our check and 2 fortune cookies.  Now, fortune cookies originated as a way to tell one their fortune.  While I don’t believe they hold the same ideas now days, I do believe God can speak to you through them.  Brian’s said:  “An optimist is one who makes the best of it when he gets the worst of it.”
And mine said:  “Ambition knows no obstacles.”

I wonder if God was saying “wait for it… wait for it… ok.”  He knew we would end up on a quick date at that exact location (instead of the original plan, at a restaurant further away, Olive Garden).  He knew that we would make the best of it and actually go out, even if the date lasted less than 30 minutes.  He also knew we would cherish said date, no matter the length.  And we did.  We honestly did.  Maybe he just wanted to throw in an extra date night for us.  Then again, maybe that is the optimist coming out in me. 😉

Updated: January 11, 2009 — 5:57 am
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