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December 25th, 2006

This year has been a crazy turn of events once again.

In January Brian attended the Defense Information School to become a Broadcast Journalist. After he graduated in April, he flew to Texas where his lovely family was waiting.

April 18th brought the birth of Kenniston Elaine McGovern. She was 7 lbs, 4 oz, and 19 ¾ inches. She had a full head of dark brown hair. All four of us then moved to Washington State in early May. Kenniston is a happy baby, and just doesn’t seem to stop smiling. Currently, she can sign three different signs; she also crawls backward and waves.

Vincent has been advancing mentally and physically. He knows all kinds of words, and continues to amaze his parents and bystanders with his surprising phrases. Lately, he’s saying things like “It’s all messy again.” Luckily, he loves helping Mommy & Daddy clean up.

Brian was hand-picked to deploy to Kosovo in late July. He served with the 4th Public Affairs Detachment, under the 36th Infantry Division (a Texas National Guard unit). He contributed stories to – and hosted– a monthly television news show. The deployment was a valuable experience, but he was excited to return home to Kelly and the kids in early December.

Kelly has had her hands quite full in Brian’s absence. With trips to story time and the Children’s Museum, she has kept the kids active, and already very well educated. In her spare time she sews baby ring slings, and recently got back into photography. Being a young, fun, and ever so slightly geeky couple, we have a few side projects… check them out on our website.

All four of us are thrilled to be back together again. We wish you happiness and blessings this Christmas, and we hope you have a great 2007…


Brian, Kelly, Vincent, & Kenniston

ps, that dress might look familiar, a younger sibling is wearing it in the last photo on this post.

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