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Vol.4 December, 2000

Well, this will be our last Christmas as “single people,” I know, I know, that’s what we said last year. Well, this time we mean it….really! The dress is here, reservations have been made, and the groom’s formerly chilly feet are as warm as chestnuts on an open fire.

Kelly has been blessed with a wonderful job, which will allow us to actually survive amid all the wedding planning.

Some of you have been asking, though, where we are registered. Well, the easiest thing to do is to visit our website (http://www.brianandkellywedding.com/), and click “Registry.” There are definitely other things to click too, so don’t be shy!

Kelly, like we said, has a new job, as the nanny for two soon to be toddler. As we write this she’s only been on the job two weeks, but really likes it a lot. After teaching at Bright Horizons this job is a piece of cake. She’s also been really wrapped up in the wedding planning, and appreciates all of the help she’s received from her family, and her bridesmaids. Any and all help is very appreciated.

Brian is enjoying his job at Q UP. He received a promotion and a raise this past summer. He is a project coordinator in the web services department, which just means he oversees the development of websites for banks all over the country. He’s also working hard toward his dream of running his own design business. This year he has had the opportunity to work with several clients! He’s also been playing drums at church.

Well folks the end of a great year is coming and this next year will prove to be even better. We can’t wait to see you April 22, 2001 in Bastrop!

{by the way, we have not owned brianandkellyswedding.com for many years, obviously, so if you go there now I have no idea what you will actually find}

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