Harvest Fest

We attended our churches Harvest Festival this past weekend.  The kids loved playing games and eating junk food until they were grouchy and tired.  Toward the end of our evening there, I finally allowed the kids to jump around the bounce house.  When it was finally the kids turn Vinccent chunked his shoes and jumped right in.  Kenniston started to take off her shoes, then I looked over and saw her taking off her fairy princess costume as well.  At first I stopped her, embarrased at my naked daughter (ok, so she did have her tights on), but then I thought about it.  I was worried that she might rip her dress and it wasn’t even Halloween yet.  So after second thoughts I let my oldest daughter go in with just her tights on.  She was as happy (and naked) as a jay bird. 

Over all the kids had a blast.

Updated: October 27, 2008 — 7:52 am
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